Saturday, April 21, 2012

Major announcement and terrific news: My first book has been sold to Llewellyn Publishing and it's set for release January 8, 2013! I Saw Your Future and He's Not It: A Psychic's Guide to True Love uses psychic insights to help readers find and keep the lasting love we all dream of. It's full of fascinating stories taken from my years of providing psychic consultations to clients around the world. It also teaches readers techniques for improving their own psychic awareness. Think of it as your own personal psychic advisor sitting right on your bookshelf.
I Saw Your Future and He's Not It was co-written with my niece, author Kim Osborn Sullivan. We really enjoyed the opportunity to work together on writing the book, and now we're looking forward to the fun of promoting it.
Our publisher is working on cover art right now, and I'll post it here as soon as it's ready. The book will be available for pre-sale at Llewellyn Publishing's website and on Amazon, etc. starting in July or August. It will be released January 8, 2013, just in time to help readers have the perfect Valentine's Day. I can't wait to start signing books!
Blessings to all!
Louise Helene 


  1. This is great, a book about psychic predictions about love. I love listening strictly to psychic telephone readings, but I will definitely try this book.

  2. Great news to hear about the book deal.

    Reading that is kind of like getting a psychic reading!

    Good luck with it Louise!