Thursday, June 30, 2011

Free psychic reading

Greetings to my cherished clients, both old and new:
To help celebrate this holiday weekend, I'm partnering with the company that handles the phone lines for my psychic readings to make a very special offer. When you add at least $10 to your account, an additional $10 will automatically be credited to you. This offer is valid for both existing Keen members and new members who sign up this weekend.
I hope you'll take advantage of this terrific offer and give me a call. Remember the offer is only valid Friday, July 1 through Monday, July 4, so don't wait. As always, I look forward to talking to you.
Blessings to all!
Louise Helene
To redeem this offer:
- If you don't already have an account on KEEN, please register first.
- Click on this link: between Friday, July 1 and Monday, July 4.
- You'll be directed to the landing page, where you should click on the "Redeem Offer Now" button.
- Log into
- Add at least $10 to your account.
- You'll receive an additional $10 in your KEEN account.
- Then call me at 1-800-ASK-KEEN (275-5336) and enter my extension 04268439. Or you can click the Keen button on my website If you prefer, you can visit my listing on Keen's site at

Monday, June 27, 2011

Client Q&A: Who's wearing her panties?

After decades of performing psychic readings for my clients, I've heard it all - and I mean everything! One thing I've learned in that time is that we can gain insight into solving our own problems when we hear about how someone else addressed a similar situation. With that in mind, I'm going to periodically use my blog to address some of the questions I've heard from my clients and the advice I offered them. Of course, clients' names and identifying details will be changed, so if you have a question, I hope you won't hesitate to contact me so I can help. If you have a question you'd like answered here, you can send me an email, post a comment, or go through my Facebook page. Of course, if you'd like a personal consultation, you can call my psychic line.

Whether you get a chuckle from a question you read here or it helps you in your current situation, I know that hearing about other people's problems reminds us that we are not alone in the never ending quest for love and happiness. Blessings to all!

Dear Louise:
Help! I love my boyfriend very much, and I thought our relationship was going great until the other night when I came home early from work. I walked into the bedroom to find another woman wearing my red bra and panties! Well, at first I thought it was another woman, until I noticed the hairy chest...and then his face. It was my boyfriend! I turned and ran.
What should I do? I've been staying at my parents' house for a couple days and haven't talked to him since that night. Please help me!!!

Dear Linda:
Oh, my goodness, what a shock that was for you! But now that you've had some time to calm down, you need to call your boyfriend. Nothing is ever resolved by running away. Meet your boyfriend in a public place, like a restaurant, and discuss the situation with him. I feel that he does have a fetish about ladies' intimate wear, but he's a good, sweet guy. Get everything out in the open because he has been hiding this from you, and a big secret like that strains a relationship. Then you need to decide if you want to work on this with him under the guidance of a therapist or just call it quits. I feel he will go along with anything you want because he loves you very much. My prediction is that the two of you will work it out. Good luck.
Louise Helene

Friday, June 24, 2011

Where to find that special someone?

It's hard to find someone new for a romantic relationship, as so many of my clients tell me every day. Single people go from home to work then back to home everyday, with maybe a stop at the gym or grocery store in between. Can any of those spots be harboring your soulmate?

First of all, dating someone at work has its problems because there might be company rules - either formal or informal - against it. Also, it could turn into an awkward situation if you break up. On the other hand, it's a way to get to know someone before taking the plunge. And at least you know that the person you have your eye on is gainfully employed.

Meeting at the gym is a maybe, but people are usually pretty focused on their workouts. They also might not feel like they're at their most attractive while dripping sweat and panting. On the other hand, someone who's hanging around a gym is probably making an attempt to keep himself/herself in good shape. And fitness is an interest that gives you something in common and offers opportunities to do things together as a couple.

Some people say that grocery stores are the new night clubs for meeting Mr. or Ms. Right. Some grocery stores have even tried "singles nights" with limited success. Meeting someone here might be a better choice than a bar because you're sober, so less likely to make bad choices and engage in risky behavior. You can also peek into his basket and see if his story about his background checks out. For instance, if he says he's single and lives alone, but he's buying tampons, you might want to ask some questions. I have never done a reading for a client who told me about developing a lasting relationship with someone they met at a grocery store. Maybe the fluorescent lights and adult contemporary music over the intercom put a damper on the mood. Or maybe it happens all the time, and those people have such happy relationships that they don't call me about them.

The fact is that people meet in lots of both likely and unlikely spots. Just keep your eyes and your heart open to the possibilities. You never know. That man squeezing peaches next to you in the produce section might just be the future father of your children.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Advice for women seeking love

During the more than 30 years I've spent working as a psychic advisor, I've conducted thousands of readings for hundreds of clients. A vast majority of those clients are women seeking advice about love and relationships. Sure, I'm consulted about other issues, like money and family and work, but love tops the list. Needless to say, I've heard it all - the good, the bad, the ugly, and the hilarious. My clients have had a good laugh, a good cry, and a good old fashioned gripe session.

One thing that I always try to explain to my clients is the importance of trusting their intuition. I've seen too many women (and some men, too) get themselves into sticky situations because they didn't trust that gut instinct that told them what they were doing was a bad idea. Too often, people get into those situations because they're so desperate to find love that they ignore their better judgement. For instance, if a woman meets a man online who says he's her soulmate, but he can't get to her city unless she sends him money for a plane ticket, she knows deep down that he's a scam waiting to happen. But she might ignore the voice that tells her to block him from her computer. Why? Because she wants to believe she's found the right guy.

The fact is that any old frog can look like Prince Charming if you squint hard enough. So my advice for today is to open your eyes and trust your intuition.

Friday, June 17, 2011

I know what you're thinking...

You're thinking why should you follow another blog? You're already probably spending way too much time every day reading these things. But this one's different. I'm a psychic reader and spiritual advisor who can offer unique insights. Just ask the hundreds of clients who have come to me for advice about their love lives, their jobs, and everything else you can imagine.

I'm a second generation psychic, Tarot card reader, and spiritual advisor who has been in the field for over 30 years. I was only 12 years old when I performed my first psychic reading at the urging of my mother, Spriritualist minister and psychic radio show host Reverand Louise Helene. I developed my gift by helping my late mother run a successful psychic advisor business, and today I have my own large following of loyal clients who praise my accuracy, compassion, and humor. My mother believed in treating people with respect, and I put her teachings into practice every day.

For the past several years, I've been conducting most of my psychic readings at a popular telephone psychic line. I'm now in the process of expanding my business and working for myself. Yes, it's a big step that makes me a little nervous, but ultimately I'll be able to provide my clients with better service. Soon my new website will be up and running, but in the meantime, please come visit me at Facebook (Louise Helene the Psychic) and Twitter (Louise Helene). I'd love to see you there!

Finally, I have to offer a disclaimer: I'm not an attorney, a financial planner, an accountant, a doctor, a psychologist, a veterinarian, an NBA player, a NASCAR driver, a lion tamer, or any number of other professionals who you might ask for specialized advice. I can tell you what I see in your future, but please seek appropriate professional advice when the situation warrants it. The law requires me to point out that my comments are for entertainment purposes only.

I'm glad you're here!