Friday, June 24, 2011

Where to find that special someone?

It's hard to find someone new for a romantic relationship, as so many of my clients tell me every day. Single people go from home to work then back to home everyday, with maybe a stop at the gym or grocery store in between. Can any of those spots be harboring your soulmate?

First of all, dating someone at work has its problems because there might be company rules - either formal or informal - against it. Also, it could turn into an awkward situation if you break up. On the other hand, it's a way to get to know someone before taking the plunge. And at least you know that the person you have your eye on is gainfully employed.

Meeting at the gym is a maybe, but people are usually pretty focused on their workouts. They also might not feel like they're at their most attractive while dripping sweat and panting. On the other hand, someone who's hanging around a gym is probably making an attempt to keep himself/herself in good shape. And fitness is an interest that gives you something in common and offers opportunities to do things together as a couple.

Some people say that grocery stores are the new night clubs for meeting Mr. or Ms. Right. Some grocery stores have even tried "singles nights" with limited success. Meeting someone here might be a better choice than a bar because you're sober, so less likely to make bad choices and engage in risky behavior. You can also peek into his basket and see if his story about his background checks out. For instance, if he says he's single and lives alone, but he's buying tampons, you might want to ask some questions. I have never done a reading for a client who told me about developing a lasting relationship with someone they met at a grocery store. Maybe the fluorescent lights and adult contemporary music over the intercom put a damper on the mood. Or maybe it happens all the time, and those people have such happy relationships that they don't call me about them.

The fact is that people meet in lots of both likely and unlikely spots. Just keep your eyes and your heart open to the possibilities. You never know. That man squeezing peaches next to you in the produce section might just be the future father of your children.

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